RVCA BJ Penn UFC 127 Walkout T-Shirt
RVCA BJ Penn UFC 127 Walkout Tee

Introducing the NEW RVCA BJ Penn UFC 127 Walkout T-Shirt. This is the official UFC 127 walkout tee for BJ Penn as he prepares to fight Jon Fitch at UFC 127. Its a similar style to his previous UFC 127 with the bold text, but it does its job well. BJ Penn has been training hard for this fight, and this will certainly be one of his most challenging fights yet against the likes of Jon Fitch. Do not miss UFC 127 !

UFC 127 Walkout Shirts and Fight Gear

Aswell as the main event there are some other great fights such as Michael Bisping v Jorge Riviera, and you can guarantee there will be some top quality fight gear released. If you want to keep upto date with all the latest UFC 127 walkout shirts and fight gear then check out found exclusively over at where it is selling for $28.98

The RVCA BJ Penn UFC 127 Walkout T-Shirt is a great walkout tee to use for your training or just general wear, its BJ Penn’s vintage style and looks great ! Dont miss UFC 127.

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