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Venum Power Standup Shinguards

Part of the new range of Fight Gear from Venum. The Venum Power Standup Shinguards are pure quality as far as Shinguards go, they are made from Syntec Leather and are extremely lightweight for those that like flexibility while they are sparring.

Hayabusa Pro Striking Shin Guards

Introducing the new Hayabusa Pro Striking Shin Guards, they have been Designed to protect during stronger kicking and sparring. They have a Lightweight construction for optimal mobility and performance, and generally are just a very high quality pair of Shin Guards.

Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite Series Shin Guards

The new Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite Series Shin Guards are fantastic quality shin-instep guards to add to your MMA Gear. Made from full grain leather, they are extremely high quality: composed of Hayabusa’s Premium padding complex and neoprene backing, this provides optimum comfort and breathability while sparring.

Hayabusa Red Label Pro Shin Instep Guards

The Hayabusa Red Label Pro Shin Guards are extremely high quality and very light. With a perforated neoprene backing, these shin guards are extremely comfortable. Despite being so light, the Hayabusa Shin Guardsa are also incredibly strong, with a premium padding complex for maximum protection.